Wine tastings: 3 wine areas in Tuscany to explore, Italy
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Wine tastings: 3 wine areas in Tuscany to explore

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Tuscany boasts some important wine producing areas, world famous for their amazing landscapes and their cellars rich in history and traditions. Here you will find three routes to discovery good wine, charming medieval villages and surprising natural areas.

1. Chianti
Have you ever heard Chiantishire? Chianti is a region between Florence and Siena, rich of charming hills, wonderful panoramas, well curated vineyards, olive groves, small medieval villages, ancient and new wineries that produce one of the most celebrated wines in the world: the Chianti.

The main grape variety of Chianti wine is the Sangiovese used in combination with others grapes varieties (present in minimum part), like for example the Cabernet Franc and the Cabernet Sauvignon. Usually the color of Chianti is bright ruby red, tending to garnet with aging in the cellars. The taste is dry, fruity, slightly, strong and harmonious.

2. Val d'Orcia
In 2004 the Val d’Orcia was added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites for the features of its territory: rare example of an human intervention, in the Renaissance age, that has enhanced this natural area in aesthetic, cultural and productiv terms.
Val d'Orcia is very famous for its wines, in particular the celebrated Brunello di Montalcino produced in the area surrounding the homonymous medieval village.

Charming farmhouses enrich the Val d'Orcia; these farmhouses are often available for short term rentals. The discovery of the most popular wineries, the small medieval villages, the breathtaking sunsets will be perfect if you'll have the opportunity to live in an original farmhouse, breathing the authentic rhythm of daily life in Val d'Orcia.

3. Maremma
In the south of Tuscany, at the border with Lazio and Umbria, Maremma is kissed by a generous sun and caressed by the breeze of the sea whose scents and sounds can be perceived in the air. The Maremma is a feast for the eyes and the spirit. The wines produced in Maremma are often wines highly scented , the grapes varieties for excellence are Morellino di Scansano and Vermentino.

Wine tastings in Tuscany
In Tuscany you can find many wineries that open their doors to the visitors, organizing days of wine tasting. If you desire to participate to a wine tasting with an expert which will guide you in the exploration of cellars, wines and vineyards, you can book a guided wine tasting. Here you can find also a list of the Tuscan wineries which organize open days.

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