Weddings in Tuscany: the dream of getting married in Tuscany, Italy
Accommodation in Tuscany: villas, apartments, b&b, farmhouses and hotels in Tuscany, Italy

Weddings in Tuscany: the dream of getting married in Tuscany

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Tuscany is one of Europe's most romantic wedding stops where you are assured to live an unforgettable marriage. The hidden beauty that is gradually being discovered in this country makes is a perfect place to enjoy not only the wedding event, but above all the the peace that comes after the hassles of getting married.

The wedding aftermath called honeymoon is one that must be enjoyed to the core and with the marvelous Tuscany's countryside, everything is possible under the sun between you and your new spouse.

Tuscany's enviable gifts of nature which boasts of a lot of rolling hills and wonderful flower fields will provide couples with the needed background for the purpose of taking snapshots. Shutterbugs will love this place to among the guests that will be coming over to witness the numerous weddings hosted in the lovely love cum holiday hotspot.

The same goes for the wide array of Tuscany’s delicious foods and wines which both come together to make the Italian city a perfect setting for a not-to-be forgotten wedding. As a city renowned for its high-end production of exotic wines, Tuscany is the right place to source for your wedding wines both for the actual ceremony and for the honeymoon as well. Remember that there is supposed to be a lot of champagne popping after the exchange of vows.

There are many beautiful cities and places where the ceremony can be host, whether it’s a civil or religious wedding. The luxury villas of wedding friendly cities like Florence and the pre-modern farmhouses used as venues for many Tuscan weddings will definitely leave an indelible mark of a wonderful wedding held in your honor. Private hotel accommodation is available for you and your spouse once the wedding is over so you may book your suites to cover the period after the wedding.


In addition to the classical town hall wedding, in Tuscany there is the chance to have a legal civil wedding in a private location such as a beautiful villa, an ancient castle or a garden. You can have a private wedding venue setting the ceremony where and when you would like it to take place. This kind of celebration is recognized totally legally, and the legal procedures are the same as those for a town hall wedding. Legally married couples can also choose a symbolic ceremony or blessing in any form.

Catholic couples can be joined together in holy or secular matrimony by an English speaking priest. The ceremony can take place in one of the many chapels or churches throughout the Tuscan cities and countrysides. This wedding is valid for all legal purposes, so you do not need to have a civil wedding first at home or in Italy. You only need to complete all of the requirements by the Catholic church which are the same worldwide, plus the usual legal documentation.

If you are Jewish, you can get married in one of the many historic synagogues of Tuscany. A rabbi will celebrate Orthodox weddings even in a private location, such as a villa or a park. Couples must obtain permission from their Orthodox rabbi at home who sends authorization to the rabbi in Italy.

Tuscany is certainly one of the easier countries where to get married in: many specialized agencies and wedding planners are ready to assist you in the most important day of your lives. You only have to look for those that are licensed and recognized by the Italian state, so that you do not hit any surprises. Most of them will provide all of the legal paperwork, reducing your amount of pre-wedding preparation and saving a lot of money.

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