Luxury villas and other beautiful wedding venues in Tuscany, Italy
Accommodation in Tuscany: villas, apartments, b&b, farmhouses and hotels in Tuscany, Italy

Luxury villas and other beautiful wedding venues in Tuscany

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To plan a wedding in Tuscany, one of the things a couple ought to know is that the venue of the event is as important as the ceremony. Being an occasion that will linger in many people’s memories for years to come, it is of great necessity to select a very good villa in Tuscany where the main event will be held. Dream weddings are easy to have especially when there are still days ahead of the D-day. For every budget, there is a villa to take care of the couple with many facilities and logistics already put in place. In fact, for some of these Tuscan wedding venues, they are special places that are dedicated to nuptials and all things wedding.

Some of the venues used for weddings are made to be nice hang-outs not just for the couple to get married but also for their friends to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere of love whether they have spouses or are still single. Luxury villas in Tuscany provide large halls with services that cater for the whims of every single guest. Depending on who is getting married and the type of villa to be used, you can expect to find exclusive services for your guests or visitors which extend to accommodation. These exquisite villas are usually the types that are secured by celebrity couples and other important personalities getting married in the Italian city where the crème de la crème of the society converge.

There are many ancient castles and villas in Tuscany where famous couples once got engaged and subsequently married back in the days. Even to this day, dozens of celebrity couples are making their way from different cities around the world; all in a bid to have a feel of what it takes to experience a Tuscan wedding. The very rich among them only need to make their dream wishes to have their dream weddings in Tuscany come true with anything from hundreds of dollars to a few millions. As part of these wishes, the venue a couple chooses may be refurbished and pepped up with lots of decorations to brighten up the place and also the day of the wedding. For those who have been opportune to attend a Tuscan wedding party held in a villa, they must have seen the shine in all the events as well as the way the venues are decked in beautiful arrays of colorful items.

The central focus of Tuscan wedding planners in setting up a perfect wedding is creativity, quality and an all-round client satisfaction so that from far and near, more intending couples can keep trooping into the Italian destination to have their own personalized wedding event in style. From one wedding ceremony to another in Tuscany, it is the same story of a wedding made in heaven but being experienced on Earth. However, all that makes the difference between one Tuscan wedding and another are the features that are chosen by the different couples getting married. It may be an open air wedding reception preferred by the couple where guests are free to enjoy the natural breezes that characterize Tuscany’s weather. Sometimes the couple may go for a closed door party that still rocks the villa where the official wedding took place. Still, it may turn out to be a combination of both indoors and al fresco parties in one.

There are different types of luxury villas that accommodate wedding ceremonies in Tuscany. Getting the right villa for your own ceremony mainly depends on your pocket although it matters more on the couple’s exact choice of location. This is because some local destinations within Tuscany are a little costlier than other places but couples with a knack for Tuscany’s farmhouses or an open air wedding celebration will do anything to make their wedding blend in with the scenic views of the cities’ countrysides. These are the couples that will most likely choose to stay back in this quiet zone after the wedding is over for many blissful days and nights of honeymoon. Whatever the case, one thing is the fact that all comers to Tuscany will not only enjoy a wonderful holiday outing in the Italian tourist hotspot, they will also breathe in the scent of the love that hangs in the air; at all seasons and at all times.

Here you can find a wide selection of the most beautiful wedding villas in Tuscany: from Florence to Siena, from the seashore to the hills of Chianti, we suggest you the perfect venues where to get married.


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