Concerts of the Normale di Pisa - Season 2010-2011, Italy
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Concerts of the Normale di Pisa - Season 2010-2011

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The Concerts of the Normale provide a season of varying musical periods and styles, of instrumental interpretation and shifting composition genres.

Gilberto Bernardini, President of the Normale in Pisa, considered music an integral part of scientific and humanistic culture and intellectual enrichment and therefore thought it should also be part of the Scuola Normale.

Music entered the Scuola Normale around forty years ago, when the presence of music in universities was a completely new concept.

Thanks to the efforts of Bernardini and the Maestro Pietro Farulli, who wanted to open the university to musical culture, in 1967 the Concerts of the Normale were inaugurated with a performance of the Quartetto Italiano, an ensemble which had a deep impact on the history of musical interpretation.

Ever since then, under the management of Piero Farulli, Andrea Mascagni (1987-1993), and Carlo de Incontrera, the concert season has actually become a tradition at Scuola Normale - a tradition including the Vincenzo Galilei Choir, also introduced by Farulli some 30 years ago.

These 40 years of activity have always been characterized by both tradition and innovation: while there has always been space reserved for music from Medieval up to the Baroque, much attention has also been given to contemporary and modern productions.

The variety of the repertoire of every season and their organization have always privileged the formation of the students and all the public towards good taste and sensitivity towards music.

While constantly diversified, each season has always privileged the students (and public) formation concerning good taste and sensitivity towards music.

The Normale Concerts provide a fine season of different musical styles, periods and instrumental interpretations – even by the same composer – which help participants understand and assess the innovative expression of contemporary music.

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