Italian Language School in Italy: Linguaviva - Italian Language School in Florence
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Italian Language School in Italy: Linguaviva - Italian Language School in Florence

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Linguaviva - Italian language school in Italy LANGUAGE NO BARRIER:

Plenty of people are studying Italian in Italian language schools these days, not just because they love the language (though there are those too), but also because Italian is rapidly becoming an important language for business and commerce across the world. And the reason that more people want to study Italian in language schools in Italy is that: a) It is always better when a native teaches you the language instead of a non-native who has himself/ herself learnt the language and b) In order to learn any language perfectly, you must also learn about its context and the culture that it comes from.

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So the best place to learn Italian is an Italian language school in Italy, and the best part of this deal is that you can combine education and tourism to get the best of both. At Linguaviva, one of Italy’s premier language schools with centres in Florence, Milan, and Sicily, students are provided accommodation in some of the world’s most beautiful cities, and they enjoy the experience of studying Italian in all its richness and complexity, while at the same time absorbing the delights of Italy’s enormously rich heritage.

In fact, Linguaviva offers everything that a prospective student of an Italian school in Italy should look for. To begin with, each course is tailored to suit individual needs, and levels range from beginner to proficient (12 levels in all), so the teaching is pretty comprehensive. And talking about teaching, Linguaviva boasts high-quality teachers and whatever the level, you can be sure the teaching will be first rate and the teachers friendly and accessible.

Italian language school in Florence

Linguaviva also aims to make learning fun, and is one of the select Italian language schools in Italy to offer language courses that are actually something else. Confused? Think about it: how would you like to attend a course on Italian cooking under an Italian language school in Florence, where the recipes and methods were explained to you in Italian so that you could learn the language even as you cooked? Sounds good? This and several other initiatives make studying Italian in an Italian school like Linguaviva a delight.

So we would advise you to wait no further. Just log on to and see why it is one of the best Italian language schools in Italy, not only because of what it teaches, but why it teaches as well.

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