Il Desco 2010, Lucca - Arts and crafts fair, Italy
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Il Desco 2010, Lucca - Arts and crafts fair

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Desco 2010, will take place the from November 20th to December 12th, 2010. Every weekend, Real Collegio in Lucca will host this excellent event.

Every weekend a special product will be the symbol of its territory. First of all Beans of the Lucca Valley (20-21 November), then Spelt from Garfagnana (27-28 November), Chestnuts from Serchio Valley (4-5 December) and at last Bread&Oil from Lucca hills (11-12 December).
On December 8th and especially opening will show Cigars and Chocolate.

Four weekends that will lead you into a path among typical products and great flavours. This year the very many events in the programme will concern food and wine and the pleasures of the table.

Market of typical wine and food products: olive oil, wine, bread, salami, cheese, etc.

"EscodalDesco" will take place in restaurants and pubs in Lucca with tastings of special recipes containing the product of the week.

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Piazza del Collegio, 55100 Lucca (LU)

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