Pruneta di Sopra - in Lucca Area, Italy
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Pruneta di Sopra

Pruneta di Sopra


private swimming pool
private swimming pool
independent house
independent house
satellite tv
satellite tv
washing machine
washing machine
nearby city center
nearby city center
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Pruneta di Sopra is a comfortable villa with pool located in the province of Lucca . The house combines the convenience of being near the town and the quiet of the country . Around the villa there is a big estate of 25 acres made of big open meadows and woods . 12 x 6 mt pool available, table tennis,bikes, children swings,pizza oven, barbecue... Nice panorama on the Apuan Alps

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Phone: 058388203
Mobile: 3289023622
Address: Torrite 55032 Torrite (Lucca) (LU)

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