La Bedina - in Massa Carrara, Italy
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La Bedina

La Bedina


pets allowed
pets allowed
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La Bedina is a two floor house: on the basement there were the two stalls and the wine cellar, now partially renovated into a second living area. The first floor was the old living part of the house and this is the part available to our guests. The first floor is approximately of 60 m2 divided into 4 rooms: the kitchen, a large living room, the sleeping room and the toilet. The entrance is in the kitchen that was the room where chestnuts were dried gradile. It is well equipped with 4 cooking plates, electric oven, a fridge and a firewood stove useful for cooking or for warming in cold days. The ancient stone oven occupies a corner of the room. The pavement of the kitchen is made of the original sandstone blocks. The sleeping room, used as a chicken run in the past, is now characterized by its ancient stone walls, a wall and the arched roof made with chestnut poles and intertwined hazelnut branches and lime old building method. The room is very sunny. The living room is a large sunny place with a large sleeping sofa 180x200, and old bench, the original corner cupboard and a table. A cast-iron stove warms the room during winter. From the living room we move to the toilet a room particular for its impressive stone doorpost, the stonework built-in shower, the ancient stone walls and the chestnuts beams and boards. The French window in the living room opens on a large balcony with the original sandstone blocks as the pavement and a beautiful view on the Magra Valley and the village of Casalina. From the balcony one get to the portico with its stone pillar, the ex-stalls and the vineyard with its organic vegetable garden.

Outside: fenced wine yard of 1000m2, the aia, with a flagstone pavement, a well, large terrace with a dining table and panoramic view, facing southwards, the portico with stone arches and imposing stone pillars with a barbecue and garden furniture, the fresh water of the river at a short distance
Amenities and services: stereo, satellite tv/radio, dvd player, collection of cd, dvd and books italian and english, barbeque, garden forniture, hiking trails maps and city maps, table games and playing cards.
House equipment: washing machine, iron and ironing board small, drying racks, hairdryer, electric oven, baking trays, electric mixers, orange squeezer, fruit mixer, Italian coffee makers moka, American coffee maker, fridge, freezer, kettle, toaster, cooking plate with 4 fires and fan, plates, pots and cutlery, barbecue, garden furniture

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Phone: 3403170292
Fax: 3403170292
Address: Loc. Groppodalosio 54027 Pontremoli (MS)

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