Accommodations in Monte Argentario, Italy
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Accommodations in Monte Argentario

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One of the most beautiful parts of the Tuscan coast, the rocky promontory of Monte Argentario still looks like an island, as it once was, until sand drifts silted the channel and formed two isthmuses connecting with the mainland at Orbetello. The Tombola di Feniglia has a long sandy beach lined with pines. Nearby are located the headquarters of the WWF, and the promontory is home to some rare and lovely flora and fauna. The name Argentario either derives from the Roman banking family who once owned the area, or from the silver mines at nearby Massa Marittima.

The Argentario, culminating in Mount Telegrafo (635 m), rises steeply from the sea to the west, but slopes away more gently to the north. It is covered almost everywhere by Mediterranean scrub, particularly in the less accessible zones. The coastline of Mount Argentario is extremely irregular, notched by high cliffs and bays that follow one another in quick succession. The Argentario is rich in grottoes; some of them along the coast formed by the erosive action of the sea but others, inland, are due to the Karst phenomenon.

Besides the abundance of fish in the waters off the Argentario, red coral can still be found and the sea yields up the occasional amphora encrusted with molluscs. All of which makes the depths here a favourite haunt of enthusiasts of underwater fishing and photography. But, as a whole, Monte Argentario is also ideal for those attracted by the beauty of the landscape, its mild climate, monuments of past ages, and fine accommodation. Little wonder, then, that the backbone of the territory’s economy today is tourism. The Argentario is, in fact, the showpiece of the Maremma and its bathing resorts attract visitors both domestic and international.

The seat of public administration is Porto Santo Stefano, the centre of Monte Argentario. Situated in a picturesque bay, Porto Santo Stefano is not only an important centre for fishing and a bathing resort, but it also acts as a base for tourists who visit the island of Giglio. Its Spanish history is evident in the Aragonese stronghold, which towers above the small town.

Porto Ercole, resplendent in natural beauty and in the vestiges of over a thousand years of history, is the most beautiful jewel on the Argentario promontory. Its name comes from the mythical Greek hero Hercules. This small town, like Porto Santo Stefano, also shows traces of Spanish influence, testified by the numerous towers and also some tombstones in the church. From here, a short flight takes you to Cala Galera, a modern tourist harbour, where you can hire boats with or without a helmsman.

Asedonia is a popular tourist resort, near the ruins of the Roman town of Cosa, where you can visit a museum of Roman finds and a part of the Etruscan walls. Very beautiful houses rise on the Asedonia hill, some of them summer residences of celebrities. A little more to the south, on the way towards the Capalbio station, is the Tagliata Etrusca, a milestone of hydraulic engineering.

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